I offer a variety of workshops in song-writing, dance traditions, and craft! Here is a song written with health-care workers and writers for Arts Health Antigonish! I would be happy to discuss designing a workshop for your festival, school, or organisation!

In public schools I offer programs through ArtSmarts and GénieArts. Exploring traditional cultures through song, dance, and craft, students discover endangered instruments, dances, and song-structures and reflect on the idea of cultural ecology. Students compose a song as a group and make their own musical bones. With my portable recording studio, the children record the song in their classroom and prepare a show or video. These interdisciplinary workshops link social studies, literature, history, theatre, physical education, and music. Here are some examples of songs created by students!

Mary Beth has worked as a music and language arts teacher at First Steps language school, Jeunes musiciens du monde music school, and Étoile de l’Acadie. She conducted workshops with First Voices mental health creativity group and has led workshops in dance and song at festivals in Canada and France.