Canadian Educators on Twitter

My last blog pointed to a few Education twitter-stars from the United States. Now let’s find some Canadian educators out there in the twitterverse.

Some tweeting teachers who post frequently and share interesting, relevant, focused tweets are:

I also followed some Canadian organisations: @CanEducators, @CanTeachersFed, @CurioCBC, @EducationCanada, and @caneducation. If you look at the description of each, you will understand their importance for teachers and those looking for teaching jobs!

As I will be practice-teaching in French Immersion, I thought I would search to see what kind of hashtags are out there for this domain. I discovered #frenchimmersion, #Frimm, and #FSL. #FSLGRA  was an interesting one, referring to the French Second Language Global Read Aloud. Following this hashtag I heard of a fascinating global event for the first time. So I looked into it. More information on this FSL Global Read Aloud blog!

If there is one person you all should follow, it’s Leo McKay, a high-school English teacher and author from Truro, Nova Scotia. Trust me, you will be entertained.

Who are your favorite Canadian educators on Twitter? Let me know!

And give me a follow! I am @stompinmary on twitter, instagram, and facebook! I post mainly about my music career, but am starting to throw some education-related posts up on twitter!