Review of Online Evaluation Resources

Hi friends! Just finished a week of observation in a Grade 2 French Immersion classroom. My mentor teacher was very patient and her lessons were participatory and creative. Very inspiring!

This week I also worked on our Genius Hour project. There are so many helpful resources to discover.  I wanted to share a few useful sites that could be useful for teachers for evaluation.

ISTE Standards Rubric Teachers can use this pre-made rubric to guide them when marking technology related projects. It could also be given to students when the project is assigned so they know what to strive for.

Kathy Shrock’s Guide to Assesment and Rubrics This site is packed with links to so many different pre-made assessment rubrics and tools. However, it is linked to American curriculum. The Multimedia links seem most useful, for projects in the form of digital story-telling, podcasts, and video.

iRubric In searching for rubrics and assessments for French Immersion, I stumbled upon this complex site, in particular, a rubric for marking oral presentations. This site contains a tonne of pre-made rubrics which can be edited on the site to meet the users’ needs. The homework rubric was really well done – I can see how it could be very useful for middle and secondary school. Rubrics can also be built from scratch. A very useful site.

FLS This site is useful for French second language teachers. It contains pre-made rubrics, some which have both auto-evaluation and teacher evaluations on the same page – great idea. The graphic layouts are pleasing to the eye and age appropriate. Evaluations for various tiers of reading comprehension, communication, and production are included as well as posters that can be printed and posted in class for explanation to the group, leading to better comprehension of the evaluation process.

If you have any evaluation tools you want to share, feel free to comment!